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A Note From Chris & Kristie, Shop Owners @ LBC

Updating Regularly. Last Update Sep 28th


Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm; Closed Sunday-Monday

To Our Longmont Bicycle & Coffee Co. Community -

Nature isn't cancelled. Neither are bikes. That's been a bit of a motto at LBC since Corona hit. Covid is complex. It's wreaked havoc in all our lives, and this pandemic has taken its toll. Fear, sadness, disconnection, anger, anxiousness - we are all feeling a lot, that's for sure. Something else we now know for sure - bikes offer a complete opposite set of feelings than the fears of this nasty virus. They offset our anxiousness and bring joy. They help us to manage our sadness and anger, and help balance our minds and bodies, bringing us back to a state of gratitude. 

Who knew that bikes could offer so much to so many? We certainly didn't know what to expect when Covid hit. Nor could we have anticipated the demand for our services and the products sold at LBC. We were deemed an essential business from the get-go, and have therefore been open since the start of the pandemic. It's been an overwhelming ride, but boy are we grateful. Grateful for our incredible staff that have hustled beyond belief, meeting the demand of our community. Grateful for how they stepped up, amidst their own fears. Grateful for how they handled themselves, when not everyone that entered our shop was compliant or kind. Grateful for their dedication to our community and to the local small business they've helped create at LBC. We're proud to have such an awesome staff and are so very grateful for them. Always. But especially during a time like this when their character has risen above a nearly impossible challenge. 

Getting bikes, parts and accessories - that's a whole other challenge we've been faced with through Covid. Again, who knew? How could we ever have anticipated being in the middle of a global pandemic, and it sparking an unprecedented bike boom? Well...while no one knew what was going to happen, the bike brand we carry did the opposite of what all other bike brands did. They doubled down, rather than scaling back. And in doing so, they supported their retailers and the small businesses that have supported them all these years. So not only did we find ourselves grateful for the incredible team assembled inside our shop, we found ourselves grateful for our Corporate partner, the bike brand we carry - Trek. 

If you're wondering how this note applies to you, our customers. Here's how...

1. We're open for business and are here to keep you sane and smiling during this pandemic.

2. We've got an incredible team at our local shop, able to meet all your needs and expectations.

3. We've got the right partner, Trek Bicycles, so we're here to get you the bikes, parts and accessories you want and need.

Below are the details you need to know regarding our covid policies and procedures, as well as how to secure a bike during this time. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We're here to help and are ecstatic that riding bikes has become such a positive activity during this pandemic.

Our current shop hours are Tuesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. Stop in anytime, but enter through our back door off Kimbark (across from the Library); our front door remains locked to help manage the flow of traffic in our store.

Now go ride your bike (or stop in and peruse a new one),

Chris & Kristie


  • The most efficient way to shop right now is to start with browsing online. Our website will tell you if what you are looking for is available "In Warehouse" or "In Stock" at our retail location. If available "In Warehouse", purchases will be at our store within 3-5 business days. If "In Stock", you can purchase it online for in store pickup.
  • If you are looking for a bike, and our website tells you to call for availability - do just that. If we don't have the bike you are looking for "In Stock", we may likely have it on our backorder list. Our backorder list is very extensive and it includes all our 2021 bikes and the remainder of our 2020 bikes due yet to arrive. We are currently selling from that list, but only over the phone or in-person. Bikes on this list cannot be purchased online. 
  • Inventory is, at times, limited. New bikes are arriving at the shop every week, and are being purchased immediately upon arriving. To help manage this, and to help our customers get the bikes they are looking for, we are doing 1 of 3 things...
    • 1. Taking pre-order payments on bikes we have on backorder. This puts you at the top of the list when the bike you're looking for arrives. You pay for the bike in-full, prior to it's arrival. At anytime, prior to arrival, if you change your mind and decide you don't want the bike - we will refund your payment in-full and move to the next person on the list. * We ask that you only make payment if you are serious about waiting for the bike. We are able to give arrival dates on these bikes since we've already placed orders for them and have ETA's in place. 
    • 2. Taking pre-order payments on future open stock. These bikes are not on our backorder list, but are bikes we can secure for you on a specific date in the future. You pay for the bike in-full, prior to it's arrival. At anytime, prior to arrival, if you change your mind and decide you don't want the bike - we will refund your payment in-full. * We ask that you only make payment if you are serious about waiting for the bike. We are able to give arrival dates on these bikes based on ETA's in our backend system. 
    • 3. Taking contact info for our "Watch List". When what you're looking for arrives at the shop and is available for purchase, we will try our best to notify you. These bikes will be sold on a first come first serve basis. That said, we can't guarantee you'll get a call prior to the bike being purchased. Options #1 and #2 are the best route for securing a bike when you know for certain what you want.

* If you are looking for a bike and you find something you love at a local shop...we suggest you get it. The Covid Bike Boom is real. With that, the reality of its residual effects on the bike industry will reach far and wide. The everyday, average bike has become an elusive, sought after unicorn and will continue to be so for quite some time. We are placing large bike orders, but are limited to a specific number of bikes that we're allowed to put on backorder. With that, if we don't currently have what you want - we suggest you purchase from our backorder list or place a pre-order. If you have any questions, we're happy to answer them. 


  • Drop & Dash: Call to schedule service. "Drop & Dash" when you arrive. You'll be notified when the work is done; payment will be collected over the phone.
  • Click & Collect Online: We are encouraging "Click & Collect" orders via shopping online, then collecting your order via curbside pickup.
  • Shopping Via Phone: We are welcoming phone orders. Place your order & make payment via phone, then collect your order via curbside pickup.
  • Calling Ahead: If you’re looking for something specific and don't already see it on our website, call ahead rather than browsing in person.
  • FREE Bike Delivery: Bikes are available for curb-side pickup and FREE delivery; most other products are available for shipping.
  • Notifications: When you shop online or by phone, you will be notified when your order is ready.
  • Curbside Pickup: For curb-side pickup, you can pull into the parking lot behind our store, call us, and we’ll bring your items to you.
  • FREE Shipping: If you order something online or over the phone and would like us to ship it to you, we are happy to do so. We're offering FREE shipping on orders over $75. Orders under $75 is $10 for shipping.


We thank you in advance for your continued support of local, small businesses. Loyal customers and a rallying community is key to keeping our downtown landscape in tact. Please continue to shop local whenever and wherever you can. Supporting local also means helping your local economy. Keep that in mind when making choices during this time. Shop small first, shop local first, utilize delivery & shipping options, order ahead, pickup to go, shop online & purchase gift cards for later use...

  • Shop Small First. Before shopping Target, Walmart or the like, utilize local options first. Shopping small means shopping businesses that have fewer people and interactions, in smaller stores, that are easier to keep clean. It’s also easier to practice 6ft of social distancing.
  • Shop Local First. Before shopping Amazon or the like, utilize local options first and support your local economy. This helps EVERYONE in our local communities. Local stores also tend to buy more locally and support other local businesses, organizations and non-profits.
  • Utilize Delivery & Shipping Options. Many local businesses already deliver and ship...and many are implementing these practices now. Utilize them.
  • Order Ahead. Pickup To Go. Shop Online. Local Businesses need your support. Take the time to shop their websites or order over the phone.
  • Buy Gift Certificates Now. Perhaps you were planning to buy a new bike this week, but want to wait till things calm down? Why not buy a gift certificate now for that future purchase? This will help us maintain the cost of our overhead (rent, continuing to pay our employees, etc.)
  • Wash Your Hands. Shop From Home If You’re Sick. Get Outdoors. Repeat.


  • Cleaning: Our entire staff is wiping down surfaces with appropriate virus killing solutions (doors, handles, phones, keyboards, credit card terminals, countertops, bikes, etc.). Staff is washing hands upon entering work, at regular intervals throughout the day and after handling cash, etc. We have contactless credit card terminals for Apple Pay or chip cards, and are encouraging online/phone orders to reduce exchanges between humans.

  • Hand Sanitizer: We’re spraying everyone's hands with sanitizer upon entering the store.

  • Social Distancing: We're asking that everyone remains conscious of the 6ft social distancing rule. 

  • No Socializing or Congregating: Normally, we're very social and love chatting. That's put on hold for now. We're encouraging "Drop & Dash", "Click & Collect", "Curbside Pickup", etc.

  • Bike Sanitizing: Bikes are being sprayed down prior to and after test rides, and bikes that come in for service are also sprayed down prior to any service work that we perform and prior to handing bikes back to you.

  • Extra Precautions: While online shopping is encouraged, extra precautions will be taken with in-store visits. For example, gloves are available for any test rides.


We are encouraging Click & Collect online orders, as well as ordering over the phone. We're also offering Drop & Dash Service, FREE curbside pickup, FREE delivery of bikes and FREE shipping on orders over $75. To shop for a bike, please come to our back door during shop hours. At times, there is a line of customers waiting for assistance. When this happens, please be patient; we will get to you as we are able to. Typically, you will wait no more than 5-10 minutes before you are helped.

Please be patient, and please know we are doing whatever we can to keep everyone safe and sane during this time. Our staff is working VERY long hours to accommodate everyone's needs. In addition to being patient with us, please be kind. We are doing our best to keep up with demand and it's not easy under the current circumstances. We appreciate your patience and your understanding. 

Thank You For Your Continued Support!